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Learn how to heal your body with education on nutrition and wellness at home from Doctor Baker. Get started on your journey to better health, built at home.


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Wellness Window is your one stop source to your journey to better health.

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Daily Motivation

Daily videos and educational resources to keep you motivated towards reaching your wellness goals.

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Wellness Education

Count chemicals, not calories. Learn from doctors how to choose the right foods to heal your body and avoid the traditional healthcare system.

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Meal Planning

Plan your weekly meals with our Doctor recommended recipes based on your wellness goals.

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Instacart Integration

Easily convert your weekly meal plan into a shopping list you can print or have delivered with Instacart.

Better health, built at home.

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“I feel so much healthier since joining Wellness Window, Dr Baker has changed the way I look at my health!”

Alisa Hester          

Property Manager & Hospitality Entrepeneur

Meet Doctor Baker!

Graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

Dr. Baker has since built one of the largest chiropractic offices in the state of Idaho. Dr. Baker loves seeing kids, pregnant women and families. His favorite is the “hard to help” patients. When people have been failed by medicine or not gotten results with other chiropractors, they seek out Dr. Baker’s help. Patients are currently flying into town from other countries and driving from nearby states to receive his care. Dr. Baker also sees patients virtually, from all over the world.